Human PTGR1 knockout HeLa cell line by Abcam plc

Manufacturer Abcam plc  |   Model: ab265169
WB - Human PTGR1 KO cell line

Human PTGR1 knockout HeLa cell line by Abcam plc product image
Human PTGR1 knockout HeLa cell line

Abcam plc

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Cell line: HeLa

Number of cells: 1 x 106 cells/vial, 1 mL

Cell type: epithelial

Tissue type: Cervix

Disease: Adenocarcinoma

Organism: Human

Gender: Female

Adherent: Yes

STR analysis: Amelogenin X D5S818: 11, 12 D13S317: 12, 13.3 D7S820: 8, 12 D16S539: 9, 10 vWA: 16, 18 TH01: 7 TPOX: 8,12 CSF1PO: 9, 10

Passage number: <20

Biosafety level: 2

Viability: ~90%

Mycoplasma free: Yes

Storage: Shipped on Dry Ice. Store in liquid nitrogen.

Buffer constituents: : 8.7% DMSO, 2% Cellulose, methyl ether