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The new PAL3 with Smart technology is taking sample prep into a new dimension of performance, process safety, reliability, and ease of use.

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Average Rating: 4.7
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  • Ease of use
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An all-in-one autosampler customized for your needs
Rating: 4.7

  • Application Area: High pressure liquid chromotography

"The delivery system of this autosampler is unmatched in terms of cleanliness and robustness. The autosampler contains dynamic washing steps that sets it apart from other autosamplers, ensuring no carryover or cross contamination. Versatile to hold plates and vials, this thermostat autosampler enables the user to add on features, making it customizable to your lab's needs. Modules such as agitators, barcode readers, centrifuges, even diluters can be added on to the rail, making it the ultimate Lego-like autosampler."

Review date: 27 Jan 2021 | PAL RTC

The PAL RTC was developed to maximize productivity in analytical and clinical labs. Robotic Tool Change (RTC) brings sample preparation to a higher level. Every process requires a number of different tools for best performance, e.g. a 10µL syringe for the accurate addition of small volumes followed by the dilution with a 1mL syringe. Robotic Tool Change allows to switch between different tools automatically.