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PAL Smart SPME Arrow

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The PAL smart SPME Arrow is a new patented technology for micro-extraction combining trace level sensitivity with high mechanical robustness.

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SPME is a very SMART and sensitive device that is reliable and dependable.


Average Rating 4.0

Application Area:

Micro extraction

The SPME is a very sensitive material used in the micro extraction processes and it is reliable due to its accuracy in measurement, the device measures in millilitres. It saves samples as only a small quantity of sample is sufficient for analysis with great results.

Review Date: 12 May 2024 | CTC Analytics AG

A must-have tool for diverse research fields


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Genotoxic impurity separation using SPME

Easy to handle, satisfied accuracy level in extraction, recommended to researchers in the chemical, biochemical, bio-analytical, analytical, environmental, medical, pharmaceutical fields etc.

Review Date: 8 May 2024 | CTC Analytics AG

I love SPME Arrow!


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Headspace Analysis

We use the SPME Arrow for taste and odor analysis. It produces very reproducible results and is robust. Typically lasts for 600 injections or longer.

Review Date: 15 Jul 2022 | CTC Analytics AG

Key functionality:

  • Available in 1.1 mm (red body) or 1.5 mm (yellow body) outer diameter
  • Smart SPME Arrow 1.5 mm - for use with solvents or reagents, that may lead to moderate swelling of PDMS phases
  • 5 coating materials and 2 different film thicknesses
  • Arrow-shaped tip allows smooth vial penetration and injector septa
  • Design fully protects the coating material
  • Color coded to indicate SPME Arrow coating and film thickness
  • Integrated holder design facilitates installation and maintenance

Benefits compared to classical SPME Fibers:

  • Up to 10 x more sensitivity compared to classical SPME
  • Up to 5 x longer lifetime
  • Full traceability thank to smart technology
  • Designed for headspace and immersion sampling

*Widesleeve arrows with 1.5mm diameter have the same phase dimensions as the corresponding 1.1mm Arrows. The space to the outer needle allows phase swelling for special applications i.e. with high amounts of organic solvents. For all standard applications with aqueous samples we recommend to use 1.1mm Arrows.

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