Guide-it™ SNP Screening Kit by Takara Bio

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Guide-it SNP Screening Kit

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Guide-it™ SNP Screening Kit

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Guide-it SNP Screening Kit

The Guide-it SNP Screening Kit enables detection of single-nucleotide substitutions in cell populations edited using the CRISPR/Cas9 system, providing the ability to rapidly identify edited clones from 96-well plates. The fast and simple workflow comprises PCR amplification of the genomic target site followed by an enzymatic assay using a structure-specific endonuclease that generates a fluorescent readout. This method performs comparably regardless of the nucleotide substitution being assayed, the zygosity of the clone, or the sequence of the targeted locus. View our FAQs page to watch a video of the kit mechanism and to learn more about its features.

One of the most powerful applications of genome editing is the introduction of nucleotide substitutions in specific genomic sites to mimic single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) related to human diseases or to generate stop codons that yield precise gene knockouts. However, screening hundreds of clones for a single edited nucleotide remains a challenge, especially in the absence of a corresponding phenotype. The Guide-it SNP Screening Kit addresses this need and makes screening of hundreds of clones for single-nucleotide edits a breeze.


  • High-throughput SNP screening without the need for sequencing
  • A simple and rapid workflow that takes just 4 hours to complete
  • Can be used to detect any nucleotide substitution at any genomic locus
  • The kit identifies edited clones regardless of their zygosity
  • View our FAQs page for more details about this kit


  • Rapid detection of single-nucleotide substitutions in cell populations edited using genome editing tools
  • SNP genotyping