Glass Oven B-585 Kugelrohr by Buchi

Manufacturer Buchi  |  Available Worldwide
Multipurpose glass oven required for many types of common lab procedures

Glass Oven B-585 Kugelrohr by Buchi product image
Glass Oven B-585 Kugelrohr supports distillation, drying
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Glass Oven B-585 Kugelrohr is the ideal equipment to support processes such as distillation, sublimation, freeze drying or drying of small samples

  • A wide range of capabilities: sublimation, freeze-drying, distillation or drying
  • Well suited to small sample sizes
  • Adjustable to specific needs with a broad selection of accessories 
  • Quick and energy-saving heating
  • Unique compact design that saves space
  • High yield thanks to gentle sample treatment
  • Minimal cross-contamination
  • Simple instrument operation
  • Direct visual access to sample chamber