FO-SPR Carboxyl probes by FOx Biosystems

Manufacturer FOx Biosystems  |   Model: 30.0003  |  Available in Western Europe, Eastern Europe
Dip-in probes with a generic surface chemistry that can couple a wide range of biomolecules

FO-SPR Carboxyl probes by FOx Biosystems product image
Carboxyl fiber-optic SPR-based probes
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Our customizable, interchangeable probes consist of a gold-coated, optical fiber with a standard carboxyl surface chemistry that allows the binding of a range of proteins and biologics. These disposable probes are placed in the White FOx, a high-end, semi-automated analytical benchtop instrument for real-time analysis of biomolecular interactions.

This sensor technology uses the fiber-optic surface plasmon resonance (FO–SPR) principle for both labelled and label-free detection of biomolecules, including proteins, antibodies, nanobodies, complex particles, microvesicles or cells in microliter volumes.

Within a few minutes, you can get accurate information on binding affinity, kinetics or target concentration.

These interchangeable probes mean that the White FOx can detect different target molecules with a single device, giving you full flexibility in use.


  • Easy-to-use dip-in probe
  • Performance and speed of surface plasmon resonance
  • Standard carboxyl surface chemistry can bind a range of proteins and biologics
  • Disposable and interchangeable for easy protocol switching


  • Label-free quantification of protein and antibodies
  • Fast sandwich assays
  • Kinetics
  • Crude matrices/blood
  • Large particles and vesicles

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FO-SPR Carboxyl probes by FOx Biosystems product image

FO-SPR Carboxyl probes

Manufacturer FOx Biosystems  |  Available in Western Europe, Eastern Europe

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