Manufacturer CYTENA
The new microfluidic cell sorter that dispenses single cells into PCR plates.

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The F.SIGHT™ OMICS is a novel, easy-to-use benchtop cell sorter that reliably dispenses single cells into PCR plates and facilitates downstream reaction miniaturization. Sorting is carried out by brightfield image analysis and fluorescence with a 488 nm laser. The F.SIGHT OMICS uses CYTENA's patented dispensing technology, which is compatible with sensitive cell types and minimizes cell stress. The Automatic Offset Correction allows reproducible, targeted delivery of individual cells to the center of each well.

The F.SIGHT OMICS needs only minimal startup time and does not require manual adjustments of sorting parameters. It can fill a 96-well plate in under 2 minutes and a 384-well plate in under 8 minutes. Additionally, the instrument’s simple, intuitive software interface helps capture a series of nozzle images for each cell that are available for additional analysis and verification of clonality.

Key features and benefits:

  • Sorting by bright-field image analysis and fluorescence
  • Fast and gentle single cell dispensing
  • Automated Offset Correction for precise dispensation into PCR plates
  • Cell focusing technology
  • Intuitive Software

Relevant applications:

  • Single Cell Genomics
  • Single Cell Proteomics
  • Cell cloning