ETHOS X for Extraction of organic pollutants by Milestone

Manufacturer Milestone
Microwave-assisted solvent extraction offers superior lab efficiency in the determination of organic pollutants with microwave green extraction technique. Typical applications include chlorinated pesticides, semi-volatile organics, PAHs, PCBs, chlorinated herbicides, phenols, organophosphorus pesticides, dioxins and furans 

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ETHOS X for Extraction of organic pollutants
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Determination of organic pollutants in environmental matrices is a common task for thousands of laboratories worldwide, as it leads to controlling and protecting our environment from high levels of contaminants. This analysis is often done to evaluate the effectiveness of a remediation process, to assess the contamination in waste, in waste landfills and for general environmental monitoring. Therefore, every day environmental laboratories deal with several challenges to ensure high quality data and fast turnaround time while maintaining their competitiveness. Milestone listened to the needs of environmental laboratory professionals by developing the ETHOS™ X with the fastEX-24 rotor, which allows for simultaneous extraction of 24 samples in 40 minutes with minimal solvent usage. By using large volume disposable glass vials, the fastEX-24 rotor simplifies handling and allows to achieve lower detection limits.

  • High throughput.
  • 24 samples in 40 minutes.
  • Superior return of investment.
  • Substantial reduction in solvent.
  • Simple handling.
  • Disposable glass vials.
  • Consintency & Reproducibility.
  • Consistent and reproducible results.
  • Safety & Reliability.