Discover green technology from Milestone

Innovative sample preparation technologies to enhance the sustainability of your laboratory

22 Oct 2023
Lawrence Howes
Editorial Assistant
Discover the sustainable lab offerings from Milestone
Discover the sustainable lab offerings from Milestone

Applying the concepts of green chemistry and sustainability to routine analysis is a challenging endeavor. Sample preparation plays a central role as it involves the use of concentrated acid for atomic spectroscopy analysis and organic solvents for chromatographic analysis. For years, Milestone has been offering approaches to making laboratories more sustainable.

Milestone's instruments are designed to minimize the use of harmful chemicals, utilizing lower volumes of reagents, and incorporating safer, greener alternatives for both the environment and chemists. At the same time, through their technologies, they have successfully reduced waste generation in laboratories, helping their customers achieve significant environmental benefits. The enhanced performance of Milestone's microwave digestion systems for elemental analysis enables the use of a reduced volume of acid at a lower concentration, leading to lower acid volume, less dilution, and reduced waste. Furthermore, Milestone's acid purification system enables the re-purification of contaminated acid, further minimizing waste.

The Direct Mercury Analyzer eliminates the need for sample preparation and the use of related chemistry, this instrument offers a greener pathway for mercury analysis, eliminating the risk of hazardous chemical exposure, enhancing both lab safety and environmental preservation.

Milestone's microwave extraction technology is designed to use only a fraction of the volume typically required by other techniques, thereby reducing both the initial volume and waste production. By optimizing reagent consumption, laboratories can efficiently analyze samples while being mindful of the environment.


High throughput: 24 samples in 40 minutes with a substantial reduction in solvent usage.

Eileen Hannigan and Sarah Nadin, Assay Development team at Merck

DMA-80 evo

Direct mercury determination system to analyze any matrix without any pre-treatment or chemical additions in as little as six minutes.

Eileen Hannigan and Sarah Nadin, Assay Development team at Merck


Recycle and reuse of acids from sample digests by sub-boiling distillation.

Eileen Hannigan and Sarah Nadin, Assay Development team at Merck

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