Optimized soil extraction workflow for semi-volatile organics

13 Jun 2024

As regulations addressing target semi-volatile organics in soil matrices drive to lower and lower action levels, laboratories need to examine preparation workflows to optimize the rate-limiting steps in sample preparation. Milestone’s Total Workflow solution approach helps laboratories reduce their solvent usage and associated risks, increases productivity, and processes samples more cost effectively and timely. Using the Milestone Total Workflow solution approach ensures high-quality, safe, productive workflows for the extraction of soils and sediments for semi-volatile organics. It incorporates solvent handling, sample extraction, and sample filtration while eliminating cross contamination and doing all with a small footprint to free up valuable hood space. Samples are weighed, dried with drying agent, transferred to disposable glass inserts, treated with surrogates (and spikes where appropriate). The solvent system is automatically added to each vessel and transferred to a microwave vessel for extraction according to EPA SW-846 method 3546.