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ETHOS X for terpene extraction in cannabis labs

ETHOS™ X microwave extraction line allows quick heating of the cannabis material for terpene isolation. Solvent-free extraction process takes only a few minutes and prevents any thermal degradation often noticed during use of conventional extraction methods. The fresh and characteristic taste of strain-specific cannabis is maintained, and high-quality terpenes are assured. The ETHOS X 2.0 is our latest generation of benchtop…

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The ETHOS™ X is a perfect complement to any extraction technique as it selectively extracts the terpenes without compromising the subsequent cannabinoid extraction step. Most conventional extraction systems work on dry plant material, causing loss of some of the terpenes characteristics, while the ETHOS X provides fresh cannabis extraction ensuring most complete and representative terpene profile and maintaining its natural flavor and aroma.

The ETHOS X completes the microwave extraction process in only a few minutes without the use of solvent, providing high efficiency, reducing process costs and ensuring the strain-specific profile of the plant.

  • Solvent-free extraction
  • Shorter run times
  • Highest quality of terpenes
  • Scalable productivity with flexible configuration

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