EchoLUTION Viral RNA/DNA Swab Kit by BioEcho Life Sciences GmbH

This RNA/DNA extraction kit was tested for SARS-CoV-2 RNA extraction. 48- and 96-well plate formats are CE-IVD marked. 96 swabs can be processed in 20 minutes including primary tube handling.

EchoLUTION Viral RNA/DNA Swab Kit by BioEcho Life Sciences GmbH product image
EchoLUTION Viral RNA/DNA Swab Kit
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The EchoLUTION Viral RNA/DNA Swab Kit is based on our EchoLUTION technology, a revolutionary method for fast and convenient nucleic acid extraction. It has been validated for the extraction of viral RNA and DNA of nasopharyngeal and genital swabs as well as stool samples. 

  • Single-step purification allows complete extraction of 96 samples within 20 minutes.
  • Compatible with nasopharyngeal swabs, genital swabs, and stool samples (dry and in medium) and all types of media like nonchaotropic and chaotropic medium, PBS, and Tris
  • CE-IVD labeling of plate formats enables fast and easy integration into diagnostic laboratory routines and ensures high-quality standards.
  • Inhibitor-free viral RNA/DNA results in superior downstream performance.
  • Up to 70% less plastic consumption compared to other extraction methods