DP74 Microscopy Camera by Olympus Life Science

Manufacturer Olympus Life Science  |  Available Worldwide
A combination of superior quality image and microscopy dedicated features

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DP74 Microscopy Camera
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Discover a camera with intelligence

Helping to save time and increase comfort at the microscope, Olympus’ new DP74 camera for brightfield and fluorescence imaging delivers intelligent features designed to facilitate everyday operations and enhance return on investment. The DP74 pushes the boundaries of any microscope and enables fast and high-quality imaging both in routine and research applications.

Intelligent imaging

The DP74’s smart features enable fast, comfortable and high-quality imaging at the same time. The new Position Navigator understands and remembers sample structures, allowing the user to store positions of interest and quickly create overall sample maps on any microscope, without the need of expensive encoded or motorised stages. When working on low-emitting fluorescent samples, the DP74’s imaging intelligence recognises the challenging imaging situation and automatically manages the noise level in the image. This provides a fast live image while searching for the field of interest and a clean snapshot when the image is stationary. The camera also features an anti-whiteout function, which makes the live image immediately available after changing the objective. The seconds saved each time on this frequent operation add up throughout the day, increasing comfort and saving precious minutes.

Raising the bar on quality

Able to produce a faster and more fluid live image than ever before, the DP74 camera has become the first microscopy camera to feature a 60 fps live image and a 20.7 megapixel resolution. While lower frame rates can slow down everyday operations like panning and focusing, the DP74’s 60 fps delivers an image that is as close as possible to the normal experience at the oculars. This not only enables enhanced comfort at the microscope by reproducing a life-like image on the monitor, but also facilitates on-screen discussion and collaboration, for both small and big audiences.

A valuable investment

Increasing return on investment, the DP74 is specially designed to image at a high sensitivity in both colour and fluorescence applications, making the camera ideally suited for a wide range of needs, from routine to research. This is particularly beneficial for those applications where a mixture of brightfield and fluorescent samples are used on the same microscope or for laboratories where a single microscope is shared among many groups.



  • Highly sensitive colour camera for fluorescence
  • Fast and fluid 60 fps live imaging
  • 20.7 megapixel resolution
  • Effective Position Navigator
  • Intelligent Fluorescence Noise Reduction
  • Time-saving anti-whiteout function


  • Pathology
  • Life science research
  • Shared instruments and imaging facilities
  • Brightfield and fluorescence imaging