CytoTrack™ Green 511/525 by Bio-Rad

Manufacturer Bio-Rad  |   Model: 1351203  |  Available Worldwide
CytoTrack cell proliferation assays are designed to efficiently stain live cells for excellent resolution of each cell division generation.

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CytoTrack™ Green 511/525
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Use the CytoTrack green 511/525 dye in a multicolor flow cytometric experiment with mCherry, dsRed, or tdTomato cell lines.

Key Benefits of CytoTrack Cell Proliferation Dyes

  • Fix and permeabilize cells stained with CytoTrack dyes for analysis of intracellular targets — compatible with standard formaldehyde-containing fixatives and saponin-based permeabilization buffers
  • Combine CytoTrack dyes with fluorescent proteins or fluorophore-labeled antibodies for multicolor cell analysis
  • Save time by using the dyes directly with your cell culture media
  • Detect up to 10 cell divisions

Features of the CytoTrack Green 511/525 Dye

  • Fluorophore Properties
    • Excitation maximum: 511 nm
    • Emission maximum: 525 nm
    • Optimal excitation laser: 488 nm
    • Optimal 488/561 S3™ cell sorter filter set: FL1 525/30 nm
  • Specifications
    • Store at –20°C
    • Protect from light