CytoSMART Multi Lux by CytoSmart Technologies B.V.

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The CytoSMART Multi Lux is an automated live-cell imaging system, designed for long-term comparison studies and large laboratory teams.

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CytoSMART Multi Lux
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The CytoSMART Multi Lux is an automated live-cell imaging system, designed for long-term comparison studies and large laboratory teams. Combining the capabilities of 4 compact Lux2 devices into one system to increase throughput and lab functionality. The CytoSMART Multi Lux fits perfectly in every CO2-incubator, with room to spare for other cell culture vessels. All devices connect to a single laptop optimizing lab space and give access to data of running experiments remotely from the comfort of your home.

Ideal for extensive comparison studies - Compare cell cultures, supported by automated image analysis and visualization

Kinetically monitor up to four different cell culture experiments at perfect culture conditions without disturbing your cells. This increases throughput, results in better statistics and a more efficient workflow. Multi Lux is ideal for comparison studies of e.g. oncology, immunology, neuroscience, and stem cell research. CytoSMART also offers cloud-based image analysis for various applications such as growth, wound healing, cytotoxicity, cell migration, cytopathic effect assays, and more

Images are uploaded to the CytoSMART Cloud were they are combined into time-lapse movies. These movies are automatically analyzed using the CytoSMART image analysis software. All results are remotely accessible in the CytoSMART Cloud, therefore, unnecessary lab visits can be skipped.

Solution for large laboratory teams - Limitless possibilities

Improved CytoSMART technology makes it possible to run up to four individual experiments simultaneously using a single laptop. All users are flexible to start and stop their experiment independent of other experiments, improving lab efficiency. Automated image analysis provided with Multi Lux helps your team produce innovative research, without interruption. The cloud offers high-speed image analysis 24/7 and remote access to experiment data, allowing users the flexibility to continue their research from outside the lab. Besides, this solution is also a great education tool for conveying cell biology knowledge and skills to students.

Long-term live-cell imaging - Run your experiments for weeks

Multi Lux enables long-term observation of (individual) living cells and visualization of dynamic biological processes. You can run experiments for days, weeks, or longer without unnecessary exposure to environmental stress, such as change of temperature, humidity, or CO2 levels.

CytoSMART long-term live-cell imaging automates the cell growth and migration measurements. The remote functionality of the CytoSMART Cloud provides insight into the kinetic data of your experiments and is accessible 24/7 on your phone, tablet, or laptop. You can also be notified when the desired confluency is reached. Allowing you to know exactly when to go to the lab.