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CYRIS monitors and analyzes several key cellular parameters in real-time and label-free. Cell viability, metabolism, and morphology can be screened in a fully automated and atmosphere-controlled environment. The incubator integrated solution measures oxygen, pH, and cellular impedance in a multiwell plate and makes through a digital inverse microscope phase-contrast like live-cell images.
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CYRIS flox

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The innovative multiwell plate design and the interaction with a pipetting robot enables assays with adherent and suspension cells for short and long-term experiments. The supernatant of any cell culture experiment on CYRIS can be well-specific and collected for downstream analysis.

  • Rapid and sensitive label-free optical and electronic microsensor detection in real time
  • Unlimited addition and removal of substances and nutrients by an automated media supply system
  • Simultaneous measurement of four parameters (OCR, ECAR, impedance, and live microscopic images)
  • Freely programmable sequences of experiments
  • Full incubator integrated control of temperature, atmospheric oxygen (hypoxia), and humidity

CYRIS is suitable for applications in toxicology, metabolic research, basic cellular research, cell viability studies, hypoxia studies, oncology, and cancer treatment investigations.

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CYRIS flox by INCYTON GmbH product image

CYRIS flox

Manufacturer INCYTON GmbH  |  Available Worldwide

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