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A novel thermoreversible gel mountant for extended immobilization and imaging.

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Average Rating: 4.7
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  • Ease of use
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Rating: 4.7

  • Application Area: Biomedicine/ Zebrafish/ Drug Screening

" CyGel Sustain was our miracle solution to perform the extremely technically challenging intraocular injections in zebrafish larvae at 2 days post fertilization, in a 100% accurate and reproducible way. Thanks to CyGel Sustain we could immobilise these larvae (no more than 2 mm long) and carry out the intraocular injections into their eyes (no more than 50 microns diameter) under the dissecting microscope. After injection, CyGel was reverted to liquid and larvae recovered with no damage (Reference(s): Alvarez, Y., et al. PLoS One 4.11 (2009): e7867.) We have used CyGel Sustain since then for different protocols where safe and reversible immobilization of the small larvae is needed with excellent results. Biostatus outstanding support and contribution for the refinement of our protocols and overcome of technical difficulties, is not easy to find among the post-sale service of other companies. "

Review date: 04 Jun 2014 | CyGEL Sustain

CyGEL Sustain is a novel thermoreversible gel that is compatible with extended imaging of LIVE cells, for several hours depending on cell type.

Its special formulation is optimised for the addition of RPMI and similar culture media.

It can be used to immobilise non-adherent cells and beads by simple warming, and conversely allowing their recovery by simple cooling. CyGEL Sustain is unusual in that it is a liquid when cold and a gel when warmed!

CyGEL Sustain has many applications in imaging, flow cytometry and cell-based screening. It is compatible with LIVE cells, usefully allowing their immobilisation for analysis and subsequent release for ongoing experimentation.

Key benefits include:-

  • Optically clear with low autofluorescence
  • Controllable and rapid transition from liquid to gel
  • Convenient immobilisation of non-adherent cells and beads
  • Compatible with GFP and "in gel" fluorescent probes including DRAQ5™

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CyGEL Sustain by Biostatus Limited product image

CyGEL Sustain

Manufacturer Biostatus Limited  |  Available Worldwide

4.7 / 5.0 | 1 reviews