Custom Batch Neurons by BrainXell

Manufacturer BrainXell  |   Model: BX-6000
Custom production of neurons to fit your research goals.

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Custom Batch Neurons

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Have an iPSC or ESC line relevant to a specific disorder? BrainXell provides custom services to produce neurons from customer-supplied iPSC cell lines. We accelerate your research by rapidly producing desired neuronal subtypes of high purity that can be the basis of a dependable experimental system.
Subtype options include: Motor Neurons, Glutamatergic Neurons, GABAergic Neurons, Mixed Cortical Neurons, Dopaminergic Neurons, Serotonergic Neurons, and Astrocytes.
Flexible production scales available: 50 million to 10 billion neurons from iPSC or ESC lines selected by the customer