CTA Array Kit by Sengenics Corporation Pte Ltd

Manufacturer Sengenics Corporation Pte Ltd  |   Model: 32000
- High-throughput quantification of autoantibodies to Cancer-Testis (CT) antigens - Patient stratification in checkpoint inhibitor studies - Picogram level sensitivity - Fully quantitative assay - Exceptional consistency and batch-to-batch reproducibility

CTA Array Kit by Sengenics Corporation Pte Ltd product image
CTA Array Kit

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KREX™-based protein array for high-throughput quantification of autoantibodies to Cancer-Testis (CT) antigens. CT antigens are a group of unrelated proteins that show highly restricted expression profiles in adult somatic tissues but which are aberrantly expressed in various cancers.

1. Unique differential profiling of cancer-antigen in various cancer types

2. Patient stratification in checkpoint inhibitor studies

3. Determination of epitope recognition in patients or monitor patients in  experimental cancer vaccine studies