CRISPRi Libraries, Pools, and gRNAs by Merck

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Nuclease-independent applications of CRISPR provide equal targeting specificity but instead of cutting, CRISPRi allows for targeted interference of gene function by delivering transcriptional repressor domains to a specific target sequence using modified dCas9 + gRNA complexes. Gene knockdown is complementary to CRISPR-KO and CRISPRa (activation) and has distinct advantages over existing loss-of-function strategies like RNAi.

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CRISPRi Libraries, Pools, and gRNAs
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Merck partnered with University of California San Francisco to provide the best-in-class CRISPRi screening tools available. Superior algorithm placement and gRNA scaffold improvements enhance your CRISPRi screening experiments.


  • Each pool contains one subpool of top 5 gRNAs per gene as well as a separate subpool of 5 supplemental gRNAs per gene for increased sensitivity and includes non-targeting controls 
  • We are a 10x Genomics compatible partner allowing downstream single-cell analysis simple with built in feature barcode technology if requested
  • Vectors contain both BFP and Puromycin as selection markers and an optimized scaffold for sgRNA expression and function 
  • KRAB-dCas9 gene silencing allows loss-of-function screening with less risk of toxicity to your cells due to double stranded breaks 
  • Individual CRISPRi clones can be easily ordered online or by contacting your local sales representative. Custom pools are also available