CRISPR Design Tool by Horizon Discovery

Manufacturer Horizon Discovery  |  Available Worldwide
Our CRISPR Design Tool enables an intuitive one-stop location for guide RNA design and ordering. Utilize the design tool to order guide RNAs for targeted gene knockout or location-specific HDR-mediated genome editing.

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CRISPR Design Tool
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  • Choose from multiple guide RNA formats - synthetic, lentiviral or All-in-one
  • Design guides for any editing nuclease, in over 40 species
  • Reduce off-target editing with the most thorough specificity check available
  • Target protein coding, long non-coding, or microRNAs


  • Conducting a knockout experiment? Enter your species and gene target below.
  • Need site specific editing for knock-in experiments? Design guides to your location of interest.
  • Already have the sequence of guide RNA you want to generate? Enter your RNA sequence.
  • Know the region of DNA you want to edit? Paste in your DNA sequence.