CI-600 / CI-602 Minirhizotron Systems by CID Bio-Science, Inc.

Manufacturer CID Bio-Science, Inc.  |   Model: CI-600/602
The CI-600/602 Minirhizotron Systems take non-destructive, high-resolution digital color images of roots while they are living in soil.

CI-600 / CI-602 Minirhizotron Systems by CID Bio-Science, Inc. product image
In the field with root image pictured on tablet.
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Observing a root system throughout a plant’s life cycle is key to understanding overall plant behavior and health, and to improving crop performance.

The CI-600 is a minirhizotron that gives plant scientists, crop consultants, and farmers the ability to capture non-destructive, high-resolution, digital images of living roots in soil over multiple growing seasons. Durable and lightweight, the CI-600 is a portable minirhizotron that is easy to transport to any field location and can be used in sites with root tubes across a range of treatments or conditions. Our free root analysis software, RootSnap!, quickly and easily calculates parameters including root length, area, volume, diameter & branching angle.