Cell Culture Flask Adapters by Beckman Coulter

Manufacturer Beckman Coulter  |  Available Worldwide
?Improve the application flexibility of your centrifuge with buckets and adapters from Beckman Coulter

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Cell Culture Flask Adapters

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Traditionally, cells and media are first transferred from a cell culture flask to a 15-mL or 50-mL conical tube before centrifugation. These transfer steps require operator labor and time, the cost of the transfer vessel, and introduce the potential for contamination during transfer. With the innovative Cell Culture Flask Adapters, the culture can be centrifuged directly in the flask. Data illustrate that cell yield, cell viability, and endpoint analysis results are comparable when cell cultures are processed traditionally or centrifuged directly in the flask using Cell Culture Flask Adapters.

The Cell Culture Flask Adapters are single-piece elastomeric (EPDM) adapters designed to allow centrifugation of T-75† (75-cm2 area) or T-25† (25-cm2 area) cell culture flasks in the Allegra X-15R and Allegra X-12 Series centrifuges using SX4750 and SX4750A rotors. The adapters stand up to the rigors of use (centrifugal force, cleaning, and sterilization) in the bioresearch laboratory.



  • Streamlined cell culturing process
  • Time, labor, and labware savings
  • Reduced potential for contamination
  • Time and material savings multiply with the number of passages performed
  • Some small and less-dense cells seed better when centrifuged in the cell culture flask
  • Faster detachment of adherent cells during cell recovery
  • Softer cell pellets can be more readily resuspended.

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Cell Culture Flask Adapters by Beckman Coulter product image

Cell Culture Flask Adapters

Manufacturer Beckman Coulter  |  Available Worldwide

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