C/N/S/Cl Micro-Elemental Analyzer - multi EA 5000 by Analytik Jena AG

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C, N, S, Cl Micro-Elemental Analysis

C/N/S/Cl Micro-Elemental Analyzer - multi EA 5000 by Analytik Jena AG product image
multi EA® 5000
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Average Rating: 5.0
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  • Member since: 2013

  • Organization: pars Petrochemical Company

  • Ease of use
    5 out of 5
    After sales service
    5 out of 5
    Value for money
    5 out of 5
Excellent instrument for test of sulfur
Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Determination of sulfur in LPG, Gas and Petroleum products

"I work as laboratory supervisor at pars petrochemical company Fantastic instruments User friendly software Very appropriate for determination of sulfur in petroleum products and the results are fantastic. Very high reputability and accuracy I have used this instrument for 4 years in our laboratory, I can say that this instrument is excellent. "

Review date: 25 Feb 2016 | C/N/S/Cl Micro-Elemental Analyzer - multi EA 5000
multi EA® 5000 C, N, S, Cl elemental analyzer – experience tomorrow’s technology today.

The multi EA® 5000 represents a new generation of C, N, S, Cl elemental analyzers. Analyzers that are setting standards!

It is versatile, reliable, easy to operate. C, N, S and Cl from solid, fluid, paste-like and gaseous samples are only a small part of what it can do. TOC, EOX and AOX/TOX analyses are further areas of analysis easily covered by the multi EA® 5000. This makes it a universal talent to be used in various fields such as petrochemistry, environmental analysis, pharmacy, the chemical industry, and materials testing.

Due to its unique modular principle, you can configure your multi EA® 5000 to meet your needs and requirements, thus creating your personal analysis system. No problem if your analytical requirements change, the modular structure of the multi EA® 5000 can be extended at any time.

The globally unique double furnace technology makes it quick to switch between vertical and horizontal applications in one instrument, i.e. fast and optimum adaptation to the sample matrix and analysis standard with minimal effort.
A single multipurpose combustion tube for both vertical and horizontal use in all standard applications – no more switching of combustion tubes!

With one wide adjustment-free operation range the detectors are suitable for all concentrations. The HiPerSens® Detection combines highest sensitivity in ultra-trace analysis with a wide linearity up to the upper end of operation range. Thus high and low element contents can be processed together in the same sequence, only ONE method is required. Samples with high concentrations can be analyzed directly without dilution.

The multi-matrix sampler for vertical and horizontal applications saves valuable time – no complex conversion, no time-consuming connection, no adjustment of an additional sampler! The combustion system is unaffected.

The Flame Sensor Technology guarantees matrix-optimized, quantitative combustion. Even unknown samples can be analyzed soot-free, precisely and reliably today.

The Auto-Protection effectively prevents the system against damages caused by particles, aerosols and liquids. It features effective cleaning and drying of the reaction gases and monitoring and protection functions for highest analysis safety and minimum maintenance effort. Time-consuming method generation and optimization of process parameters belong to the past!

The Self Check System (SCS), the unique multiWin® software, and the FAST connection technology (Fast, Safe and Tight) offer convenient operation and reliable measurement results.

Winning features at a glance:

  • Application diversity, analyzes solid, paste, fluid, gaseous and LPG samples
  • Multi-element, with C, N, S and Cl determination in one instrument
  • Multimatrix sampler, for fully automated determination of solid and fluid samples in vertical or horizontal furnace configuration
  • Double furnace technology, optimal adaptation to the sample matrix – vertical and horizontal mode in a single instrument
  • Extended measuring range with low maintenance, ultra-modern detectors, all the way from ppb to percent
  • Modular design, freedom to select and extend your analysis system configuration
  • Self Check System (SCS) for trouble-free operation
  • Flame sensor technology for matrix-optimized sample digestion