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Bionano Prep Kits™ provide the critical reagents and protocols needed to extract and label high molecular weight (HMW) DNA for use on the Irys ®  and Saphyr™ genome mapping systems. Bionano kits are optimized for performing Bionano genome mapping applications on a variety of sample types.  

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Bionano Prep kits™

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The preps are getting faster, easier and cheaper.
Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: New cell and blood DNA extraction kits

"The new Bionano Prep SP Blood and Cell Culture DNA Isolation Kit 80030 is so much easier to use, takes a fraction of the time it used to and requires much less additional equipment and no extra reagents. It's cheaper, faster and less exhausting and results in great runs. There has also been improvement in DLE-1 Labeling kit time wise. I hope their other kits will soon follow."

Review date: 13 Dec 2019 | Bionano Prep kits™

Bionano genome mapping begins with the isolation of HMW DNA.

Bionano sample kits are optimized for isolating and purifying HMW DNA in a process that is gentler than existing HMW DNA extraction methods. The resulting purified DNA, several megabases in length, is optimal for use with Bionano systems. Each Bionano Prep Kit allows you to perform 5-10 HMW DNA preps. Bionano kits and protocols enable the extraction of HMW DNA from a variety of sample types including soft or fibrous:

  • Animal tissue
  • Plant tissue
  • Cell lines
  • Human blood