AX / AX R Confocal Microscope System by Nikon Healthcare Business – Microscope Solutions

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AX / AX R Confocal Microscope System
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Introducing the Nikon AX/AX R Confocal Microscope System, giving you more of everything: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), expanding the number of colors, improving pixel density, sensitivity and acquisition speed.

These are significant additions in terms of expanding the range of experiments possible with a point scanning confocal, while increasing the usability and functionality of the instrument, all in a modular and upgradable platform.

See More of the Specimen

Experience the largest field-of-view (FOV) both for inverted and upright stands (25mm diagonal) and save time with fewer images required for large high-resolution specimen acquisition. The scanning sizes of up to 8192 x 8192 pixels allow nyquist sampling beyond the optical diffraction limit, even at low magnifications.

Ultrafine Detail

The AX/AX R is capable of supravideo frame rates that yield in spectacular imaging quality with high resolution, at both low and high magnifications. The entire range of a whole organism or system biology down to intracellular imaging is achievable on one instrument.

Detectors In Tune with your Labels

The AX/AX R’s all new DUX-VB detector custom-tunes emission bandwidths to a library of labels and probes, and provides the freedom to fine-tune emission bands to collect maximum fluorophore emission. In addition, you have a variety of options for unanticipated fluorophores. 

Rapid acquisition: Gentle imaging

Laser scanning confocal imaging is principally challenging on specimen viability, as it applies focused laser illumination point by point on a sample. The AX R’s high-speed resonant scanning, which decreases the illumination time by more than 20x typical confocal scanning times, greatly reduces biases caused by merely acquiring images. The high speed allows for ultra fast-event acquisition and more temporal resolution (up to 720 fps @ 2048 x 16). 

The result: You can achieve longer imaging and/or more frequent imaging at high speed of living samples, minimize phototoxicity and photobleaching, and achieve longer time-lapse imaging or significantly faster collection times on fixed specimens.

Optical Excellence powered by AI

With you can quickly acquire images with best-suited parameters based on image priority. In turn, JOBS enables the easy creation of more complex and customized experimental templates, from image acquisition to analysis. General Analysis allows users to create custom analysis routines focused on obtaining statistical data from microscope images.


  • High content screening
  • Developmental biology
  • Large specimen acquisition
  • Fast dynamic event acquisition