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Anti-Iba1 rabbit polyclonal primary antibody immunocytochemistry human mouse rat c-terminus specific microglia macrophage non-react astrocyte Wako

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Ionized calcium binding adaptor molecule 1 or Iba1 is specifically expressed in macrophages and microglia and upregulated during cell activation.

Also known as allograft-Inflammatory Factor 1 (AIF1), Iba1 has actin-bundling activity and participates in membrane ruffling and phagocytosis in activated microglia.

Iba1 expression may be of interest to those studying brain injuries and diseases.

Microglial Marker

Microglial cells are the only brain cells to express Iba-1 (ionised calcium binding adapter molecule 1).   

Iba-1 microglia expression is up-regulated in activated microglia enabling differentiation between cells engaged in routine surveillance and those which are activated in response to injury. It is often used in immunohistochemistry as a marker for microglia.  

The Wako Anti-Iba-1 antibodies for immunocytochemistry and Western Blotting have been raised against a synthetic  peptide corresponding to the carboxyl-terminus of Iba-1, which is conserved amongst human, rat and mouse Iba-1 protein sequences.  

These antibodies are specific to microglia and macrophages and do not cross react with neurons or astrocytes.