Air Server-xr by Markes International Ltd

Manufacturer Markes International Ltd  |  Available Worldwide
On-line sampling module for the UNITY-xr™ thermal desorber

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Air Server-xr
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The Air Server-xr is a slimline module that allows a controlled flow of air/gas to be introduced directly into the focusing trap of the UNITY-xr thermal desorber, allowing automated sampling from on-line air or gas streams.



  • Couples to any UNITY-xr or ULTRA-UNITY-xr system. Up to eight channels, with automated sequencing between sample, zero and standard gas streams.
  • Compatible with all major makes of GC and GC–MS.
  • Quantitative recovery of C2 to C44, including reactive and thermally labile species.
  • Cryogen-free operation and low gas consumption means reduced running costs and higher uptime.
  • Modular addition of ULTRA-xr autosamplers gives multi-sorbent tube analysis capability.
  • Remote system control – suitable for field sites and mobile laboratories.
  • Kori-xr water-management option for improved reccovery of polar species, oxygenates and pinenes in humid air streams.