AcquaStain Protein Gel Stain by Bulldog Bio Inc.

Manufacturer Bulldog Bio Inc.  |   Model: AS001000
Never Wash or Destain Again

AcquaStain Protein Gel Stain by Bulldog Bio Inc. product image
AcquaStain Protein Gel Stain

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Like Coomassie Blue, only simpler
AcquaStain is a single-step protein gel dye. This novel product doesn’t require pre- or post-treatment of the gel—just run your protein gel, add the stain, and watch your bands appear. Say goodbye to destaining! AcquaStain contains no harmful chemicals or acids, either, so it's much safer than standard dyes. It can even be disposed of down the drain when you're finished! And because AcquaStain is a water-based product, no observable shrinkage or wrinkling of the gel occurs. It’s also more versatile than the competition; unlike methanol-based stains, proteins isolated from AcquaStain-treated gels are 100% compatible with mass spectrometry analysis.

One step, 10 minutes
Other “fast” gel staining technologies require expensive equipment or stain protein bands poorly—not this one. And no other “fast” product is as fast as AcquaStain, either; the entire staining procedure takes about 10 minutes for typical protein amounts. Don’t worry though, it’s also impossible to over-saturate using this product, so you can incubate overnight with no harmful effects if you prefer. Only AcquaStain provides a reasonably-priced reagent without the need for an external apparatus while delivering a super sensitive signal, equivalent to or better than the best Coomassie-based reagents on the market. Protein bands pop out of the crystal-clear gel background. AcquaStain’s brilliant blue color is totally free from precipitate, too, so shaking before use is not necessary. And to cap off all of these benefits, you can reuse the same stain up to three times! There’s no other protein stain quite like AcquaStain.