BD CLiC™ by BD Genomics

Manufacturer BD Genomics  |   Model: 633000  |  Available Worldwide
High-throughput, low-volume automated platform for NGS library preparation.

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The BD CLiC™ System

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The BD CLiC system integrates the entire library prep workflow for next-generation sequencing (NGS) into a single instrument for true walkaway library preparation. Miniaturized reaction volumes dramatically lower the cost of library prep reagents, enabling more libraries for the same budget.

• The award-winning Composite Liquid Cell (CLC) technology fully encapsulates reactions in oil, practically eliminating plasticware.

• Non-contact liquid handling reduces labor and virtually eliminates contamination.

• The integrated thermal cycler facilitates scalable throughput of up to 384 barcoded libraries per run.

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BD CLiC™ by BD Genomics product image


Manufacturer BD Genomics  |  Available Worldwide

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