µ-Slide I Luer by ibidi GmbH

Manufacturer ibidi GmbH  |   Model: 80176
Use this channel microscopy slide with a coverslip bottom (#1.5 ibidi Polymer or #1.5H glass) for immunofluorescence, cell culture under flow, live cell imaging, and high resolution microscopy on inverted microscopes. Available in various channel heights.

µ-Slide I Luer by ibidi GmbH product image
µ-Slide I Luer

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  • Large area of uniform shear stress
  • Easy connection using Luer adapters
  • Homogeneous cell distribution with defined optical pathway
  • Available in various channels heights: 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 mm


  • Adherent cells under flow conditions 
  • Cell culture (static or stop-flow)
  • Simulation of blood vessels with endothelial cells
  • High-resolution microscopy of living and fixed cells

Technical Features:

  • Standard format with thin bottom for low or high magnification microscopy (up to 100x)
  • Large observation area for microscopy
  • Channel volumes of 50 μl, 100 μl, 150 μl, or 200 μl
  • Defined shear stress and shear rate levels
  • Easy connection to tubes and pumps using Luer adapters
  • Available as variety pack containing all heights
  • Fully compatible with the ibidi Pump System