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The primo LNP formulation screener

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Very reproducible results, versatile and reliable!


Average Rating 5.0

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Non-Viral Delivery

Time saving, process development efficiency and great customer service. Nothing similar out there in the market.

Review Date: 16 Jan 2024 | Unchained Labs

Great results


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LNP formulation

Very easy to use compared to doing manually, after-sales care alright thus far, great value for money and time.

Review Date: 16 Jan 2024 | Unchained Labs

Good results to enjoy


Average Rating 4.7

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Excellent product to use. Good purchase with after sales service

Review Date: 16 Jan 2024 | Unchained Labs

Crank them out

Finding the perfect LNP formulation can feel like it drags on forever. You need to figure out the best lipid mixture, the right lipid to payload ratio and the optimal flow rates to mix it all together. Worst of all, it’s usually done one experiment at a time. Sunscreen totally flips the script by creating 96 unique, small volume LNP formulations in less than 6 hours – so you can explore more formulations in a single day than you ever thought was possible. Get brochure.

  • 96 formulations in <6 hours
  • 200 μL – 2 mL per experiment
  • 0.1 – 30 mL/min flow rates
  • Reusable microfluidics
  • Scalable method

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