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NGC Discover 10 Pro Chromatography System

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Includes 10 ml/min pumps, multi-wavelength (UV/Vis) detection, expanded scouting options, large-sample injection, outlet valve, and column switching of up to 5 columns, for method development

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Use the NGC™ Discover 10 Pro Chromatography System in labs with higher throughput needs and requiring secure method and process development for scale-up applications during purifications at the mg to g scale.

For simultaneously detecting proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, and chromogenic molecules with expanded scouting options.

Features and Benefits of the NGC Discover 10 Pro System

  • Automated 10 ml/min pumps provide accurate gradients for high-resolution separation of biomolecules

  • Automated injection of large sample volumes using fixed or dynamic loops

  • Gradient separations at different pH values and buffer pH monitoring, for rapid method development

  • Automated buffer and salt gradients with buffer blending during automated inline buffer preparation at flow rates of up to 200 ml/min, for rapid scouting of purification conditions

  • Simultaneous four-wavelength detection of proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, and chromophores with conductivity measurement and pH detection

  • Fraction collection in combination with large-volume collection with a 12-port outlet valve

  • Compatibility with the C-96 Autosampler , available with or without cooling, for accurate and reproducible sample injections

  • Compatibility with the NGC Fraction Collector and BioFrac™ Fraction Collector for sample collection

The NGC Discover 10 Pro System includes the following modules and kits:

  • 1 NGC Two-Tier Base Frame

  • 1 NGC 3rd Tier Expansion Frame

  • 1 NGC 4th Tier Expansion Frame

  • 1 NGC Sample Pump Module

  • 2 NGC F10 Pump Modules for a flow rate of 0.001–10 ml/min at 3,650 psi (25.2 MPa)

  • 3 NGC Inlet Valve Modules

  • 1 NGC Column Switching Valve for switching between columns and media without the need to replumb

  • 1 NGC Outlet Valve Module for collecting up to 12 large-volume fractions

  • 1 NGC Mixer Module (750 μl), includes an extension mixer barrel (2 ml)

  • 1 NGC Multi-Wavelength Detector Module for simultaneous four-wavelength detection at 190–800 nm and salt gradient monitoring with integrated conductivity monitor, includes tubing and fittings and one 5 mm flow cell

  • 1 NGC Sample Inject Valve Module for automated application of small sample volumes from sample loops or large sample volumes using an optional sample pump

  • 1 NGC Buffer Blending Valve Module

  • 1 NGC pH Valve Module , includes 1 NGC pH Probe (Ag/AgCl)

  • 1 integrated system touch screen

  • 1 copy of ChromLab™ Software for instrument control, data collection, and data analysis

  • 1 documentation DVD containing manuals for use with NGC Systems

  • 1 NGC Buffer Tray

  • 1 NGC Communication Adaptor for connecting the BioFrac Fraction Collector

Applications and Uses of Medium-Pressure Chromatography Systems

  • Preparative chromatography

  • Protein purification and isolation

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The NGC Discover 10 Pro System is also available without the outlet valve as the otherwise-identical NGC™ Discover 10 System . If you require other capabilities or further automation, visit the 10 ml NGC™ Instruments page.

We also offer a wide selection of columns that are compatible with all NGC Systems.

More Information

Use the module selection guide to help you decide which system is best for you.

Upgrade your NGC™ Chromatography System by adding more modular components to match your changing throughput and applications requirements:

  • Column scouting

  • Injection of large sample volumes

If you prefer to customize your NGC System using our online tool, configure your personalized NGC™ Instrument .

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