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NGC 10 Medium-Pressure Chromatography Systems

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Preconfigured NGC 10 Chromatography Systems meet a range of throughput and application needs. Each system can be easily upgraded. All configurations share a common software platform. For analytical and preparative chromatography.

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I like scalable application for universal molecule separation.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Antibody purification

The system allows for work with numerous applications including purification of proteins like recombinant proteins, antibodies, etc and is compatible with numerous columns for affinity, cation exchange, and size exclusion chromatography. The semi-automatic work allows to maximise the use time. It is intuitive and handy.

Review Date: 12 Jul 2022 | Bio-Rad

Akta better watch their back.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Protein Purification and Analysis

When it comes to FPLC, I was always an Akta guy but this instrument changed my mind. The NGC is extremely well designed, the software is better that Unicorn (and it's free to install on other computers for analyses), and it's significantly more affordable. I wouldn't have believed it if we hadn't demoed the machine ourselves first but I 100% recommend these instruments.

Review Date: 25 Jun 2021 | Bio-Rad

Brilliant bit of kit that doesn't fail on large scale purification.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Recombinant protein purification

The NGC is a modular HPLC from Bio-Rad. We have 2 such systems in the institute. Recently our detection module bulb went just before an HPLC run. We were able to swap out a module from another machine and we had the machine up and running in 20 minutes. Contacting Bio-Rad, we were told what the fault could be and directed to a video on how to fix the problem – in our case a bulb change. We were also able to order the bulb which was promptly delivered. Changing was easy too. Although it is a learning curve to do your own maintenance, the useful videos and guides provided by Bio-Rad saves on the labor costs and time taken to arrange for a service engineer. Free software and firmware upgrades and multiple licenses make this machine truly flexible.

Review Date: 30 Oct 2020 | Bio-Rad

The NGC 10 family of medium-pressure chromatography systems fit your throughput requirements when purifying biomolecules for analytical- and preparative-scale applications. Each system is composed of interchangeable modules that confer different system capabilities.

The six preconfigured NGC Liquid Chromatography Systems listed below are designed with increasing automation and throughput to serve a wide range of laboratory needs:

  • NGC Quest™ 10 (7880001) and NGC™ Quest 10 Plus Systems (7880003) — for separating biomolecules at high resolution using accurate gradients
  • NGC Scout™ 10 (7880005) and NGC™ Scout 10 Plus Systems (7880007) — for medium throughput applications requiring rapid scouting of protein purification conditions with automated gradients and buffer preparation
  • NGC Discover™ 10 (7880009) and NGC™ Discover 10 Pro Systems (7880011) — for higher throughput applications with rapid, robust automation and a need for method development

The NGC Systems are composed of interchangeable modules that confer different system capabilities.module selection guide Use the module selection guide to help you decide which system is best for you, or use our online tool to configure your personalized NGC Instrument.

NEW FEATURE | Multidimensional (Multi-D) Chromatography with NGC Systems

Automate Your Multi-Column Protein Purification Workflow with NGC™ Multi-D Chromatography. Multi-D chromatography is a feature of the NGC Systems that automates multistep purifications using complementary strategies to isolate your product of interest at high yields and purity levels run after run.

Compared to traditional sequential chromatography workflows, which require running single columns sequentially, Multi-D sets up an automated workflow and consolidates day-long methods to hour-long protocols without requiring the intervention of users, allowing them to save valuable time.

Features and Benefits of the NGC 10 ml Chromatography Systems

Flexible, customizable chromatography systems to suit both your application and workflow needs:

  • The guided fluidics selection tool (patent pending), coupled with the module discovery system, enables a single-click application-based system setup through automated module function recognition
  • The Tier Rotate™ Feature allows optimal placement of valves and detectors to minimize the flow path
  • Compact footprint — fits in a refrigerator, lab bench, or coldroom
  • Point-to-Plumb™ Feature shows the step-by-step plumbing of the system using LEDs
  • ChromLab™ Software provides powerful system control, automated methods, and analysis options
  • Multi-D setup automates multistep purifications and completes complex separation protocols without user involvement

Applications and Uses of Medium-Pressure Chromatography Systems

  • Preparative chromatography
  • Protein purification and isolation

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