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Nexar™ is a modular inline liquid handling and assay processing system offering a highly scalable solution for PCR-based genotyping.

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Flexible, accurate, reliable high-throughput genotyping platform.


Average Rating 4.0

Application Area:

SNP genotyping in plant molecular breeding.

Nexar is a high-throughput liquid dispensing automated instrument which helps to genotype millions of samples in less cost and time. This platform provides flexibility in terms of number of samples and markers which can be processed. LGC provides good after sales support through their issue tracking application and team of expert engineers.

Review Date: 26 Jun 2022 | LGC Biosearch Technologies

Engineered to operate with precision and accuracy, the Nexar capitalizes on the innovative Array Tape consumable to allow ultra-high-throughput processing of samples and assays in a fast, automated instrument. Interchangeable modules store and retrieve samples and reagents, dispense in sub-microlitre volumes into 384-well format, as well as provide incubation, thermal cycling and detection to support multiple applications such as end-point PCR, end-point isothermal DNA amplification, and others.

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