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Incucyte® AI Confluence Analysis

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Incucyte® Proliferation Assays for Live-Cell Analysis

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The Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System uses multiple strategies to measure the same sample over time. Using either integrated, powerful software tools and artificial intelligence (AI), or combining this label-free approach with non-perturbing reagents, quantification of cell proliferation at a microplate level has never been easier.

Incucyte® live-cell analysis solutions include:

  • Non-invasive, image-based measurements of cell growth based on area (confluence) or cell number (count) metrics, visually verified via images and movies
  • Selection of label-free or fluorescent assays depending on the specific scientific question being asked and the cell models studied
  • Continuous live-cell assays for both adherent and non-adherent cells in which the cells remain stationary inside a standard tissue culture incubator while Incucyte® optics move
  • Cells within the same population are tracked continuously over time via repeated interrogation of the same well, without loss of environmental control
  • Real-time data can distinguish temporal differences in drug or treatment effects and enable decisions as experiments progress

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