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The BTC-500 (Battery Testing Calorimeter) is a floor-standing adiabatic calorimeter for the safe testing of thermal, electrical, and mechanical stress (abuse) tests on larger battery cells, and small modules. 

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Types of Tests:

  • Thermal stress: the BTC-500 enables a cell to be subjected to thermal stress under adiabatic conditions, allowing for assessment of its thermal stability and the characterization of thermal runaway events
  • Electrical stress: Full integration with charge-discharge units supports testing of overcharging and discharging rates. External short circuits can also be applied. Resultant thermal runaway events can be characterized under “worst-case”, adiabatic conditions
  • Mechanical stress: the BTC-500 can be equipped to perform nail penetration puncture tests, and allows for the characterization of the subsequent thermal runaway.

Evaluation of these tests facilitates the assessment of the safety performance of battery cells, enables the battery’s safe operating limits to be defined, and facilitates research and development into the mechanisms of thermal runaway and thermal propagation.

  • Characterizing differences in cell performance
  • Defining safe operating limits
  • Exploring thermal runaways and thermal propagation

Additional capabilities to aid further mechanistic understanding of thermal propagation and thermal runaway include:

  • Automated gas sampling for external analysis of vent gases
  • Triggering of a cell at a specific position within a module to undergo thermal runaway
  • Integrated camera to capture thermal events unfolding
  • Thermal mapping (multipoint temperature measurement) of the battery

High data rate acquisition is also available for characterizing extremely fast reactions, for compliance with GB/T 36276-2018

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