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Biometra TAdvanced

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Benefit from more than 25 Years of Experience in PCR

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Average Rating 4.8

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Reliable and fast PCR machine


Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:

Fast and reliable PCR cycler

We use the PCR cycler since the beginning of the Covid pandemic and it never failed so far. The lid heating is very fast and the heating block is fast as well. Setting up a PCR protocol is really easy, but rampage temperature is not easy to find. But the function itself is reliable as well. The touch screen could be better, it's slower as you might be experienced from cellphones, but touching it with the pen which is delivered with it helps a lot.

Review Date: 1 Oct 2021 | Analytik Jena GmbH+Co. KG

Excellent PCR machine, highly recommend it.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

NGS libraries preparation

The Biometra TAadvanced PCR machine is very easy to program and use. It gives highly efficient and reproducible results. The availability of several different PCR blocks that can easily be exchanged on the PCR machine greatly improves its flexibility and efficiency.

Review Date: 10 Dec 2018 | Analytik Jena GmbH+Co. KG

Efficient and reliable with good after sales support


Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:

Genomic research

The longevity of the peltiers on Biometra thermocyclers is the reason I keep buying the RED ones.

Review Date: 5 Dec 2018 | Analytik Jena GmbH+Co. KG

The Biometra TAdvanced thermal cycler is available with twelve different block modules. A Quick Block Exchange system allows an easy exchange of block modules in a few seconds. All blocks offer high ramp rates for fast protocol running times. To achieve ultimate performance, a 96-well block made of silver is available.
Due to its excellent heat conductivity, silver equilibrates extremely quickly, thus providing maximum speed and temperature uniformity. To protect the valuable silver blocks against corrosion, the block surfaces are gold plated. By the rubber sealing at the lid an encapsulated space is formed when the lid is closed. The closed room serves to improve the temperature uniformity of the sample block and avoids formation of condensed water at the final PCR cooling step. Furthermore, all blocks are perfectly sealed to prevent condensed water from penetrating the Peltier elements underneath the sample block and other parts of the electronics. Thus, the instruments life time is expanded. What makes the Biometra TAdvanced particularly impressive are its excellent heating and cooling rates. These are achieved through new power and control electronics. Even using an aluminum sample block, this allows speeds to be reached that had previously only been possible using instruments with silver blocks.

Alongside the established block formats with 60, 96 and 384 sample positions, Biometra TAdvanced also offers double block variants for tubes with a capacity of 0.2 ml and 0.5 ml respectively. These twin blocks offer the flexibility of two devices in one. Both blocks can share a program and can be started independently of one another or simultaneously. A version of the 2 x 48 well block with an added gradient function is also available as an option. With the quick-change system, it is also possible to exchange different sample blocks with just one hand.

With the Biometra TAdvanced, Analytik Jena is offering a all-round model with the customary high level of quality as well as wide-ranging functionality that enables the customers to further optimize their validation processes. The new electronics system includes USB and Ethernet communications interfaces and a seven-inch. In addition to easy-to-use programming, the intuitive software also comes with a user management function that is simple to configure as well as extensive tools for system diagnostics and recording PCR runs. PCR reports can be created using either tabular or graphical programming. The user-specific quick-start function combined with a program preview function means no more tedious searching for PCR programs that have already been used.

The new PCR Control App makes it possible to monitor the cyclers in a network from the office. The App is available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. It allows to track PCR runs live, to start, stop or pause runs. Additionally, status or error messages can be sent.
As an option, the Biometra TAdvanced thermal cycler is available with a gradient function for optimizing new primer pairs with unknown annealing temperatures. The "Linear Gradient Tool" allows the desired temperature difference between the columns or rows in the sample block to be adjusted, enabling the gradient's temperature curve to be configured precisely.

Biometra TAdvanced - No Compromises in Technology

  • FASTEST RAMPING, HIGHEST ACCURACY, BLOCK/WELL CONTROL: Superior sample block temperature control
  • WHISPER QUIET: Low noise emission of max. 45 dB
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE SMART LID: Defined pressure control for highly reproducible results
  • QUICK BLOCK EXCHANGE: Easy exchange of block modules thanks to QBE technology
  • LINEAR GRADIENT TOOL: For easy gradient programming using the primer annealing temperature
  • PROTOCOL WIZARD: Simple protocol creation by just a few inputs

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