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6495D triple quadrupole LC/MS (LC/TQ)

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If you are under pressure to deliver meaningful results, the Agilent 6495D LC/TQ provides sensitivity without compromising robustness.  Built-in instrument intelligence of the 6495D LC/TQ enhances throughput, and integrates comprehensive workflows to get your lab up and running fast, allowing even novice users to generate expert results. 

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High performance with great robustness, high sensitivity


Average Rating 4.0

Application Area:

Life Sciences

A sensitive and robust mass spec instrument with comprehensive targeted omics workflows.

Review Date: 20 Feb 2024 | Agilent Technologies

Greatest scientific innovations to discover deeper in Nano-chemistry.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Water & environment

Sensitive and robust mass spec instrument with comprehensive targeted omics workflows.

Review Date: 20 Feb 2024 | Agilent Technologies

Great results


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Mass Spectrometry

This is a very solid product that is well worth the money. It is a very sensitive and selective instrument used for biomolecule detection.

Review Date: 20 Feb 2024 | Agilent Technologies

The new 6495D triple quadrupole LC/MS system is an ultrahigh-performance system built for research and testing labs investigating large batches of samples. Equipped with the latest, innovative iFunnel technology, this LC/MS/MS achieves ppq-level detection limits for the most challenging analytes in heavy matrix, for example in ‘omics, food, and environmental analysis, while providing high precision at sub-millisecond dwell times.

Ultimate mass spectrometry performance is complemented by built-in instrument intelligence designed for demanding, nonstop routine analysis. Features including AI-based SWARM tuning, VacShield, early maintenance feedback (EMF) dashboard, scheduled tune, and Intelligent Reflex ensure that the system stays productive longer at peak performance, giving you peace of mind and improving the bottom line of your business.


  • Fourth generation, innovative iFunnel technology captures more of the ESI plume during ionization, resulting in dramatic improvement of signal response and detection limit compared to non-iFunnel systems
  • SWARM autotune obtains the absolute best system settings using a multifactorial optimization artificial intelligence algorithm
  • Intelligent Reflex workflows provide data-dependent sample reinjection protocols that focus on sample assurance or improvements in sample throughput
  • VacShield enables quick and easy cleanup of matrix deposits without venting the system
  • Scheduled tuning alleviates the burden of routine maintenance, so you know that the mass spectrometer is always at peak performance
  • Early maintenance feedback provides an easy-to-read dashboard to help visualize LC/MS instrument health and anticipate upcoming maintenance events
  • Application-focused tuning and workflows facilitate analysis and quantitation of lipids, metabolites, peptides, proteins (digested), PFAS, and pesticides
  • Compound optimizer allows fast method development by enabling users to create methods or add new compounds to an existing method, with automatic tuning to develop an optimal MRM transition for each new compound
  • Seamless method transfer between Agilent LC/MS instruments on MassHunter 12 or higher shortens method development time and eases the burden of moving methods from system to system

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