Product News: High Quality TOC Analysis Eliminates Running Costs

09 Jul 2012

The price conscious user mainly looks out for overheads when considering TOC analysis. Low-maintenance technologies for sample digestion, an environment-friendly low consumption of operating materials such as gas and power, as well as robust device engineering with a long service life help to keep the costs low. All this is offered by the TOC analyzers of the multi N/C® series.

The multi N/C® devices are equipped with state-of-the-art digestion technology, which is characterized by an extremely low consumption of catalyst material and exceptionally long lifetimes of the combustion tube – especially for extreme matrices. The corrosion-proof Focus Radiation NDIR detector ensures reliable results and high stability – across the whole lifetime of a device. Additionally a long-lasting calibration – enabled by the patented VITA® method – and the daily effort for maintenance and care of the device is reduced to a minimum. This is how the TOC analyzer can eliminate overheads in your lab.