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3D Printing » Bioprinting , 3D Printers

Automated Liquid Handling » Nanoliter Liquid Handler, 1536 Multichannel Liquid Handler, 384 Multichannel Liquid Handler, 96 Multichannel Liquid Handler, 1-8 Channel Liquid Handler, Liquid Handling Verification / Quality Control (QC), Liquid Handling Arms / Heads

Automation Supplies / Accessories » Label Printer, Microplates, Wash stations, Reagent Reservoirs, Assays, Automation Pipette Tips, Microplate Seal, Syringe Pump, Valves

Microplate Readers / Detectors » Label Free Microplate Reader, Absorbance Microplate Reader, Fluorescence Intensity Microplate Reader, Fluorescence Polarization Microplate Reader, TRF/TR-FRET Microplate Reader, Luminescence Microplate Reader, Multimode Microplate Reader, Hybrid Microplate Reader, Microplate Scintillation Counter, Microplate Nephelometer, Reference Plates, Robotic Plate Stackers

Plate Processing » Microplate Washers, Microplate Stackers, Microplate Storage, Microplate Handlers, Microplate Sealers, Microplate Piercers, Microplate Systems, Microplate Heating & Cooling

Robotic Instruments » Centrifuges, Robotic Incubators, Shakers, ELISA, PCR, Protein Crystallisation, DNA/Nucleic Acid Purification, Cell Based Assays, Cell Culture, Blood Sampling, Western Blot Analyzer, Sequencing, Sample Preparation

Robotic Workstations » Sample Storage and Retrieval Systems, Integrated Assay Prep / Analysis Workstations, Liquid Handling Workstations – Automated, Liquid Handling Workstations – Modular, Automated Sample Preparation, Automated Analysis, Workstation Modules and Accessories, Workstation Software, Automation Services

Sample Management » Sample Storage and Retrieval Systems, Sample Environment and Enclosures, Accessories

Software Platforms » Control Software, Qualification/Validation Software, Data management Software, Data Analysis Software


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