Editorial Article: SLAS2020: Our top ten highlights from the show to level up your science

SelectScience reports on the top technologies launched at the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) annual meeting, in San Diego, USA

03 Feb 2020

One of the largest scientific events of the calendar, the SLAS annual meeting fosters global collaboration and education of scientists at the intersection of applied and basic scientific research. This year, the scientific program focused on a number of hot topics, including CRISPR, disease modeling, bioanalytics, single-cell analysis, AI-impacted imaging, as well as organ-on-chips and CAR-T therapies.

Matt McArdle, SelectScience Associate Editor, at AACR 2019 SelectScience reports from SLAS2020 to get the latest on upcoming science and technology from the show

1. Corning® Elplasia® Plates by Corning

Reliably generating high-density spheroids with scaffold-free models is playing an important role in cancer research, drug screening and in vitro tumor studies. At SLAS this year, Corning introduced Corning® Elplasia® Plates, available in both round and square bottom formats and with Ultra-Low Attachment surfaces used to culture and analyze spheroids in a standard plate footprint. For more on how these plates are enabling novel 3D drug testing systems for improved predictive accuracy, read our article on predictive pharmacology, with BIOENSIS Vice President of research and development, Dr. Gonzalo Castillo.

2. DreamPrep™ NAP from Tecan

The company exhibited the latest technology in nucleic acid purification with the DreamPrep™ NAP for automated library preparation and quantification.

3. LabChip® GX Touch by PerkinElmer

PerkinElmer showcased plenty of new technology at the conference this year, including the LabChip® GX Touch, which features the latest microfluidic technology to generate reproducible, high-resolution DNA analysis and enable disease research.

4. Microlab Prep by Hamilton

Demonstrating the compact Microlab Prep workstation, SLAS attendees were introduced to a faster, more precise way of working with this compact automated workstation. With a small footprint and proven pipetting technology, this workstation is designed to be easy to use and to allow researchers to optimize their workflows like never before.

5. Multidrop Pico 1 and Pico 8 Digital Dispensers from  Thermo Fisher Scientific

Showcasing the precise dispensing capabilities of the Multidrop Pico 1 and Pico 8 digital dispensers, Thermo Fisher Scientific inspired attendees with systems that minimize human error potential and repetitive strain injuries, while improving reproducibility and laboratory throughput.

6. Corning® MicroDEN perfusion-based dendritic cell culture platform by Corning

The MicroDEN perfusion cell culture system offers an automated, closed-system solution that reduces the process steps for efficient generation of dendritic cells from monocytes. The company wowed exhibition attendees with this new 'Gold Standard' approach to manufacturing dendritic cells.

7. Green Button Go™ Software by Biosero

Gain a complete overview of the operational outputs from several workcells or devices in your lab with the Green Button Go Automation Scheduling Software from Biosero. At SLAS2020, the company released new software, including a certified 21 CFR Part 11 compliant version, to enable scientists make better decisions, in less time, with more data.

8. PhysioMimix™ OOC CN Bio Innovations

The team from bioengineering specialist, CN Bio Innovations, were on-hand to talk 3D cell culture, organ-on-a-chip technology and demo their powerful PhysioMimix™ OOC lab-benchtop microphysiological system for modeling human biology in the lab.

9. Drug discovery & development award winners revealed at SLAS2020

Announced by SelectScience Editor-in-Chief Kerry Parker to an audience of industry leaders and scientists in San Diego, the world’s most innovative, exciting and effective new drug discovery and development technologies were recognized with the 2020 Scientists’ Choice Awards®.

10. Dotmatics deliver scientifically-aware informatics 

The Dotmatics booth was busy helping to make scientific data management easier. With simple real-time search solutions for small molecule drug discovery, biologics and chemical and materials innovation, scientific teams are making better informed decisions faster than ever.

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