Editorial Article: New eBook series covers techniques to optimize mass spec and liquid chromatography results

Collect our three guides for robust and reliable technologies to enable scientists in forensic and clinical laboratories

02 Apr 2020

For clinical researchers and forensic toxicologists, the need for simple, more robust and reliable technologies has never been greater. As a result, the focus for manufacturers at the forefront of product innovation in these fields has been on designing laboratory tools to be user-friendly, efficient and enable a large sample throughput. 

This series of three application eBooks, all available to download for free, provides key information to guide you through the latest techniques and technological advancements available in LC-MS and mass spectrometry, aimed to overcome barriers such as time-consuming protocols, experiment backlogs, high cost per sample, equipment downtime for maintenance, inaccuracy and the need for experienced technicians.  

Our series of downloadable eBooks aims to help save time and improve results for clinical researchers and forensic toxicologists

1. Paper spray ionization: The faster path to mass spec analysis

This eBook, produced in partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific, provides case studies and proof-of-concept experiments that corroborate the varied benefits of employing paper spray ionization methods in clinical and forensic toxicology labs. 

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2. Maximize throughput with multichannel liquid chromatography

In this eBook, we present the key benefits of using multichannel and online sample technologies in LC-MS systems to maximize throughput and decrease sample processing time. 

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3. Drugs of abuse: Reliable analysis through Orbitrap mass spec

Traditional testing methods to screen and quantify drugs using immunoassays endure numerous constraints, such as cross-reactivity, false positives and limited selectivity. This application eBook, also produced in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific, presents a guide to alternative, rapid, easy and accurate screening and quantitation of targeted and untargeted compounds using high-resolution accurate mass LC-MS technology. 

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