Editorial Article: Latest Advancements in Biopharmaceutical Research and Technologies

Discover a range of new technologies and applications for biopharmaceutical development in this special editorial feature

02 Jul 2019

Biopharmaceuticals are biological cellular components or macromolecules used as pharmaceuticals. In recent years, they have become increasingly complex, in part driven by pressure for cost-effective clinical options, both from consumers and governments — as well as competition from other pharma companies developing biosimilars. As a result, biopharmaceutical companies (also known as biopharma or biopharm) are constantly working to introduce analytical solutions which are compliance ready, easy to implement and enable better, more efficient decision-making throughout product and process development. The ultimate goal? To meet the growing the amount of testing required to bring a new drug to market whilst ensuring it meets processing and quality regulations.  In this special feature, discover a range of new technologies and applications for biopharmaceutical development. 

LOSS ON DRYING: Determining Moisture Content in Pharma Excipients

This guide provides moisture determination methods for commonly used pharmaceutical excipients. They enable you to obtain the same moisture results with Mettler Toledo's HX204 Moisture Analyzer as with a drying oven, but much faster and easier.



CYTOTOXICITY MODELS: Benefits of Human Primary Cells in Drug Development

Cytotoxicity testing is an important in vitro indicator for preclinical drug development and to predict applicability in humans.  This guide, from PromoCell, highlights the advantages of using human primary cells.



STABILITY MEASUREMENTS: 12 Stability Applications on One Platform

Discover Uncle, an all-in-one protein stability platform from Unchained Labs, which enables 12 different applications on a single instrument.




DNA SENSOR: Ultrasensitive Solution for Detecting & Diagnosing Genetic Diseases

Discover a new strategy for detecting specific DNA changes, from ELGA LabWater, designed to allow direct detection of ultra-low levels of target-DNA while simultaneously enabling discrimination of SNPs.




CONTAMINATION CONTROL: The Latest in Air Sampling for Biopharma

Discover the new MAS-100 NT® from Merck, a precise, reliable and cost-effective air sampler system designed to detect any airborne micro-organisms which may be hazardous to your products.




Q-TOF LCMS: Development of Model Biotherapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies

Accurate characterization of monoclonal antibodies is essential to the development of biotherapeutics. In this guide, learn how the new Shimadzu Q-TOF LCMS-9030 can be used to characterize IgG1ҝ NIST mAb.




LC-MS/MS: A Novel Protein Digestion Workflow for the Analysis of Peptides

Discover a novel workflow to streamline the pellet digestion protocol from Tecan SP, providing reproducible, quality results with minimal manual steps — making it a great option for automated analysis.



RP-(U)HPLC: Analysis of Different Monoclonal Antibodies for Therapy

Monoclonal antibodies are immunologically active proteins, which bind specifically to certain cells or proteins, stimulating the immune system — this guide highlights how to analyze them using columns from YMC.