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Editorial Article: Drug Discovery & Development Scientists’ Choice Awards winners announced at SLAS2024

Agilent Technologies, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Tecan among those recognized

07 Feb 2024

The xCELLigence RTCA HT-BioTek BioSpa 8 with the 2024 Scientists' Choice Awards winner badge
The xCELLigence RTCA HT-BioTek BioSpa 8 from Agilent Technologies was voted Best New Drug Discovery & Development Product of 2023

The world’s most innovative and effective technologies advancing drug discovery and development have been recognized during a special ceremony at the 2024 SLAS International Conference and Exhibition. Winners of the 2024 Scientists’ Choice Awards® were announced by the SelectScience® editorial team.

Each year, we invite scientists from around the globe to participate by nominating, reviewing, and voting for the lab products that have had the greatest impact on their work. Read on to reveal your chosen winners.

Best New Drug Discovery & Development Product of 2023

The award for Best New Drug Discovery & Development Product of 2023 goes to the xCELLigence RTCA HT-BioTek BioSpa8 – Screening Model by Agilent Technologies, as voted for by scientists around the world.

The Agilent xCELLigence RTCA HT-BioTek BioSpa 8 integrates the xCELLigence Real Time Cell Analyzer (RTCA) HT instrument with the BioTek BioSpa 8 automated incubator to expand the screening throughput of your RTCA HT instrument to eight 384-well plates. Label-free high-throughput xCELLigence Real-Time Cell Analysis is ideal for screening viral mediated cytopathic effects (CPE), neutralizing antibodies, antibody-dependent cytotoxicity (ADCC), and compound mediated cytotoxicity.

 Scientists' Choice Award for Drug Discovery & Development Product of the Year to Agilent Technologies
Cameron Smith-Craig (right), SelectScience, presented the Scientists' Choice Award for Best New Drug Discovery & Development Product of the Year to Burga Kalz Fuller (left), Agilent Technologies, live at SLAS 2024

The runners-up are:

Drug Discovery & Development Webinar of the Year

This year’s Webinar of the Year is awarded to Dr. Agapitos Patakas, Chief Scientific Officer, Antibody Analytics, in association with Agilent Technologies. The webinar, titled ‘Modeling the tumor microenvironment: An in vitro T cell exhaustion model for the characterization of multi-specific biologics and immunotherapies’, available to watch on demand, discusses the benefits and limitations of modeling the tumor microenvironment immune cell infiltrate with an in vitro cell-based assay.

Drug Discovery & Development Editorial Article of the Year

The winning article is titled ‘Cell-based assays in immuno-oncology: Advancing bispecific antibody development’ and features technology from Svar Life Science AB. 

This article explores the potential of bispecific antibodies, which target specific cells involved in the immune response, and the role of the CD3 receptor in their mode of action.

2024 Drug Discovery & Development Scientists' Choice Award winners collect awards at SLAS 2024 From top to bottom: Burga Kalz Fuller, Senior Product Manager, Agilent Technologies, Jordi Rodó Morera, Global Innovation & Scientific Lead, Svar Life Science AB, Lynda O'Leary, Manager Marketing Applications Detection, Tecan, Stacie Chvatal, Director of Product Management, Axion BioSystems

Drug Discovery & Development Application eBook of the Year 

The Drug Discovery & Development Application eBook of the Year Award goes to GenScript for ‘Advance therapeutic development with mRNA manufacturing solutions’. This application compendium illustrates an integrated manufacturing workflow that spans from codon-optimized genes to mRNA production to lipid nanoparticle delivery.

Drug Discovery & Development Video of the Year – in partnership with The Scientists' Channel

This year’s winning video is awarded to a presentation titled 'AI-based analysis of 3D organoids - Accelerating translational cancer research', produced in collaboration with Tecan. In this interview Dr. Christophe Deben, Group Leader, Tumoroid Screening Lab, University of Antwerp discusses how 3D organoid technology provides a unique opportunity to study health and disease biology in a biologically relevant setting, particularly for cancer research applications. 

Drug Discovery & Development Email of the Year

The winner in the Email of the Year category goes to ‘The new standard for neural function’, from Axion BioSystems. The winning email featured Axion's Maestro Pro multielectrode array (MEA) platform for investigating the functionality of electrically active 2D and 3D cell models in vitro.

Drug Discovery & Development Innovative Content of the Year

The winner in the Innovative Content category goes to ‘What are your biggest sample management goals?’, from Azenta Life Sciences. The winning innovative content featured resources tailored to suit different lab's unique needs and insights into overcoming sample management challenges.

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