What are your biggest sample management goals?

The meticulous management of samples is a cornerstone of success across many industries. From the earliest stages of research and development to regulatory approval and post commercialization, the integrity, accuracy, and accessibility of samples play a pivotal role. Every laboratory and life sciences organization is unique, with its own strengths and challenges.

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Overcome your sample management challenges with solutions offered by Azenta

The full workflow supported by informatics

Outsource assays and more so that you can concentrate on new discoveries

Managing time is consistently your primary challenge. You require a partner who can take on the responsibility of conducting certain assays, enabling you to dedicate your efforts to uncovering new breakthroughs.

It can be difficult to relinquish control over certain experiments and you may have concerns about the feasibility of outsourcing and its suitability for your lab as well as facing barriers from stakeholders. Trusting experts by outsourcing your work can be a valuable step to take. Azenta provides solutions that are scalable, adhere to SOPs for data and reporting, conform to regulatory standards, and are renowned for reliability and trustworthiness.

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In this collection of case studies, Azenta highlights how they partner with clients to aid in every step of the sample management workflow, enabling focus on customer research and bringing impactful breakthroughs and innovative therapies to market with greater speed and precision.

In this video, join Andrea O'Hara, Strategic Technical Specialist in Genomics & Analytics at Azenta, in a webinar where she discusses the multiomics research carried out at Azenta. Multiomics describes studies that overlap multiple “ome” datasets including genome, transcriptome, and proteome. She explores examples of mutliomics sample processing workflows and highlights the various Azenta products which are best suited to carry out each step.

Access services tailored to your team’s efficiency and compliance needs

Your responsibility revolves around guaranteeing the proper maintenance, convenient accessibility, and adherence to regulations for your samples. Finding a partner who can offer customized services aligned with your team's requirements is crucial to ensure smooth operations and regulatory compliance throughout your studies.

While the idea of having your samples located externally might raise concerns, rest assured that Azenta stands as a dependable and reputable option that provides global and local support. The comprehensive range of solutions Azenta offers ensures that you can trust it for various sample management requirements, eliminating the need for multiple vendors.

In this application note, Azenta addresses the impact of quick sample retrieval on clinical study outcomes. The company developed an integrated solution for rapid sample management, enabling turnaround times as fast as 24-48 hours. This approach resulted in quicker approval of therapeutics, reduced costs, increased visibility, and timely decision-making.

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A cell and gene therapy biopharma company needed a partner for clinical trial support. The immediate need was a quick turnaround time for the development and validation of a biomarker assay using next-generation sequencing (NGS). In this case study from Azenta, explore how the biopharma company was able to develop a comprehensive, fit-for-purpose sample sourcing, assay, and logistics solution that can extend further to the storage of samples.

Gain support of your workflow efficiency, cost sensibility,
and ease-of-use goals with fewer roadblocks

Your priority is to ensure that your team’s sample workflows are efficient, cost sensible, and easy to manage. Finding a supportive partner would enable your team to concentrate on their tasks without encountering unnecessary hurdles.

Such a collaboration has the potential to streamline your vendor management, offering a simplified approach to dealing with multiple vendors. Azenta's established reputation for reliability and trustworthiness directly ensures a secure and trustworthy partnership. Azenta's solutions prove cost-effective and time efficient, aiming to help you achieve more seamless workflows.

This application note details how Azenta achieved significant cost savings for a global pharmaceutical client through the optimization of long-term storage for clinical samples.The challenges faced by the client included slow sample retrieval, lack of visibility, inconsistent quality and integrity, disharmonized data, inefficient sample disposal, and tracking issues. By implementing consistent processes, Azenta improved data transparency, minimized risk, and maximized sample utilization.

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In this case study from Azenta, explore how a top global biopharmaceutical company providing life-changing treatments in areas like oncology, immunology, and neurology needed to improve compliance, gain visibility, and enhance efficiency in the management of their clinical and research samples. Discover how the biopharmaceutical company examined the most critical attributes for success from both quantitative and qualitative perspectives and how they chose the right partner.

Continue to evolve with the latest automation and technological advancements

You might currently be content with the efficiency of your sample workflows, but there's potential for improvement through a partnership that supports your team in staying updated with the latest automation and technological advancements.

Convincing stakeholders about the benefits of collaborating with external companies presents a challenge. It's crucial that any operational decision you make can be backed up with clear evidence of return on investment (ROI). Azenta possesses the necessary expertise in automation and offers compatibility and flexibility with your existing workflows. The numerous success stories from Azenta's partners can provide you with the assurance that partnering with it will provide value to your institution.

In this case study, Azenta interviewed Sue Holland-Crimmin, a veteran of the pharmaceutical industry and expert in drug discovery. She discussed the lessons learned in drug development and how pharma/biotech companies can address key challenges that impact creating more efficient workflows.

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In this webinar, Azenta explores the challenges in biobanking. Dr. Allison Hubel, University of Minnesota, discusses how molecular-level interactions can be used to engineer a better storage paradigm. Dr. Jason Acker, University of Alberta, presents how temperature control is critical to the quality offered, and Kathi Shea from Azenta Life Sciences, shares how the cold chain can be controlled using the four Ts: time, temperature, tools, and techniques.

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