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28 Jul 2020

As part of this month's special feature, we take a look at some of the latest technologies, resources, and techniques advancing biopharmaceuticals research and development. Discover methods for improved T cell expansion, learn how the latest mass detection technology can streamline routine biopharma analyses and find out more about antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity. 

Drug delivery: Understanding viral hijacking of extracellular vesicles

Virologist Dr. Ryan McNamara, UNC-Chapel Hill, discusses viral hijacking of extracellular vesicles, its potential for informing novel biotherapeutics, and how filtration technology from Thermo Fisher Scientific assists his research. 


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Cell culture: How to improve accuracy and consistency in cell culture research

Nate Starbard, Thermo Fisher Scientific, discusses how to overcome common filtration challenges in the lab. 


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Cell therapy: Optimized assay for improved T cell expansion protocols

Download this application note from Sartorius to discover how the need to monitor T cell phenotype and function for improved T cell expansion protocols was addressed with a T cell memory cell and cytokine profiling assay.


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Mass detection: The key to faster biopharma analysis

Learn how Waters' mass detection technologies can streamline drug development, accelerate time-to-market, and enable greater productivity in routine biopharma analyses. 


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Immuno-oncology: Automated quantitative spatial analysis of tissue samples

Discover how using biomarkers on tissue samples not only provides new insights into the biology of cancer but ultimately enables a new level of patient stratification.


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Viral titer: Measuring AAV concentration with multi-angle DLS

Find out how dynamic light scattering can be used in virus development to measure drug substance or for screening to separate good and stable samples from those with contaminants or aggregates.


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Chromatography experts: Antibodies, Fc receptors and the immune system

Learn more about antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC), how antibodies fight cancers and infections and how Tosoh Bioscience can support you to better understand your antibodies.


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Monoclonal antibodies: Analyzing bevacizumab, its aggregates and fragments

Learn how YMC-SEC MAB, the dedicated SEC column for antibodies by YMC Europe, can be used to separate antibody monomers from their aggregates as well as from degradation products in a single run.


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PCR automation: Microplate sealing and peeling for high-throughput labs

Explore the key benefits of automating PCR, assay and compound storage plate sealing and peeling for medium to high-throughput laboratories.


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More exclusive interviews:

  • The new option for vacuum filtration in 50 ml cell cultures: faster multiparallel filtration using a multistation: We speak with Dr. Noushin Delmdahl, Head of Product Management Lab Consumables at Sartorius Lab Instruments, who introduces us to a newly available vacuum filtration system catering for 50 mL volumes and speeding up the filtration process, especially in high-density cell cultures. Read article>>
  • Our mission to prevent Zika virus outbreaks: Learn about the development of a new Zika vaccine at the Instituto Butantan and key technology for maintaining consistency in immunobiological product production. Read article>>
  • The transformative benefits of automation in high-throughput drug discovery workflows: Learn how unique automation of some of the most routine processes in a workflow can transform emerging biotechnology companies. Read article>>

Other resources in biopharmaceuticals:

  • Flow imaging microscopy reveals particles missed by DLS and NTA: In this application note, Fluid Imaging Technologies shows how the FlowCam 8000 overcomes the challenges of traditional particle analysis methods, such as dynamic light scattering (DLS) and nano-particle tracking (NTA). Download Guide>>
  • How to Buy Microplate Readers: In this free eBook download, we guide you through buying a new microplate reader by providing expert insight and all the information you should consider to select the best technology for your lab. Download Guide>>
  • How to Buy DNA/RNA and Purification and Quantification Technology: This eBook provides useful resources, expert insight, and application-based case studies to help simplify your choice when it comes to choosing the best DNA/RNA and purification and quantification technology for your applications. Download eBook>>
  • How to Buy Liquid Handling Technology: In this free eBook download, we guide you through buying new liquid handling equipment by providing expert insight and the information you should consider to select the best pipettes or automated liquid handling systems. Download eBook>>

Your recommendations:

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