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02 Jun 2021

Engineered Antibodies Top List

As part of our new special feature, we’ve pulled together a selection of the top new resources to aid your work in biopharmaceutical research and development. Explore a method for the quantitative analysis of CAR-T cell exhaustion, learn how HRIM-MS can be used to enhance structural characterization of large therapeutics, discover a new solution for determining protein or antibody concentration in crude samples, and much more!

Quantitative analysis of CAR-T cell exhaustion using advanced flow cytometry

In this application note, Sartorius demonstrates how the iQue® Advanced High Throughput Flow Cytometry System and iQue® Human T Cell Exhaustion Kit enable the simultaneous quantification of exhaustion markers and cytokines in a high throughput system and are applicable to therapeutic drug testing. 


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Support for Title 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11 Compliance

In this white paper, Agilent Technologies provide information for users of Agilent MassHunter Networked Workstation regarding TOF and Q-TOF LC/MS systems revision 11.0 or higher whose organizations must comply with these regulations. 


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Robust mAb subunit product quality attribute monitoring 

Waters demonstrates the implementation of a subunit MAM method on two additional Tof-based MS systems to monitor antibody glycosylation, glycation, oxidation, and sequence variants


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High-Resolution Ion Mobility for simplifying complex large molecule characterization

In this on-demand webinar, Dr. Jim Arndt, from MOBILion, and Dr. Jeffrey Agar, Associate Professor at Barnett Institute Northeastern University, discuss the benefits of HRIM-MS for enhancing structural characterization of large molecule therapeutics, while increasing throughput and reducing reliance on LC-based methods.


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LC troubleshooting - All of my peaks are tailing! What should I do?

Tailing peaks can be a problem when performing liquid chromatography (LC), and secondary silanol interactions are one of the causes. Using the example of basic drugs, Restek explains what causes them and cover a few steps that can be taken to minimize the effect of these secondary silanols on peak shape when troubleshooting.


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Sensitive protein quantification in crude serum samples

FOx BIOSYSTEMS demonstrate the detection of the therapeutic monoclonal antibody, infliximab (IFX), in patient serum samples using fiber-optic surface plasmon resonance technology (FO-SPR). FO-SPR is a powerful tool that harnesses the power of SPR in an easy-to-use fiber-optic sensor.


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Overcoming temperature imbalances

In this video, MéCour demonstrates how it has addressed the thermal precision needs of clinical researchers for manufacturing processes in sensitive sample applications by introducing a fully enclosed accurately equilibrated thermal control unit.


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High performance glass washer meets ACT sustainability standards

Find out more about the environmental impact factor of Miele's Laboratory Glassware Washer PG 8583 as determined by ACT sustainability criteria.


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Miniaturizing qPCR assays and simplifying standard curve preparations

This application note demonstrates a successfully miniaturized qPCR assay with the Thermo Scientific™ Multidrop™ Pico 8 Digital Dispenser and PicoIT 8 software. Find out how together they can provide increased productivity in assay development and facilitate an accelerated and miniaturized qPCR assay with decreased manual pipetting and reduced reagent amounts.


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More biopharmaceutical webinars:

  • Discovery and development of antibody therapies for COVID-19: Find out how high-throughput epitope binning and mapping using label-free biolayer interferometry (BLI) detection and advanced flow cytometry systems has enabled the development of an antibody cocktail that can reduce the risk of drug resistance. Watch webinar on demand>>
  • An insight into BiTE antibodies and CAR-T cells for improved therapeutics: Gain unique insights into how bispecific T cell engager (BiTE) antibodies in an immune cell killing assay affect T cell exhaustion and explore the influence of target cells on CAR-T cell exhaustion. Watch webinar on demand>>
  • Meet regulatory compliance for biopharma with new mass spec software solutions: Learn about the current regulatory landscape and how to address regulatory compliance and data integrity using technical controls. Watch webinar on demand>>
  • Pioneers in biopharma: Hear from three thought leaders taking the biopharma industry to new heights. This collection of webinars highlights research and development in process analytical technologies, development of novel modalities, and the integration of emerging technologies to the field of mass spectroscopy. Watch webinars on demand>>
  • Why functional assays are crucial for biopharmaceutical development success: Understand the importance of functional assessment during drug development and learn about the advantages of functional bioassays and complement assessment for biopharmaceutical development. Watch webinar on demand>>
  • Understanding the biological complexity of tissues with integrated imaging and analysis: Explore how the integration of Imaging Mass Cytometry™ (IMC™) with other established molecular imaging modalities, including histology and mass spectrometry imaging, can enable insight into the biological complexity of tissues and pathophysiological processes. Watch webinar>>
  • Optimize IP-RP method development for oligonucleotide analysis: Learn how to develop more efficient methods for ion-pair reversed-phase analysis of oligonucleotides and method development considerations for selecting ion-pairing agents. Watch webinar>>

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