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PG 8583 CD Laboratory Glassware Washer

Miele ProfessionalAvailable: North America,

Laboratory glassware washer with liquid dispensing, DryPlus drying and conductivity monitoring. 

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Miele Professional

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Average Rating 4.9

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Very clean glassware!


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Environmental Chemistry

It is easy to use and program. It cleans our BOD glassware and other glassware very well and we achieve low blanks. The flexible rack system lets set up the most efficient system to clean the glassware without running multiple loads.

Review Date: 19 Jan 2022 | Miele Professional

Essential product.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Lab glass washer

Great product to assure the cleaning of the analytical lab glassware. Essential for every lab.

Review Date: 12 Mar 2020 | Miele Professional

Best there is!


Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:

Pharma lab

Best there is!

Review Date: 27 Mar 2019 | Miele Professional

Miele’s PG 8583CD Undercounter Lab Washer is supported by intelligent controls and programmable cycles to clean most residues. An array of adjustable racks, baskets and accessories also enhance productive and effective wash cycles. The PG 8583CD was recently recertified with the ACT Label – the premier eco-nutrition label for laboratory products which emphasizes Accountability, Consistency, and Transparency (ACT) around manufacturing, energy and water use, packaging and end-of-life.

Miele’s PG 8583CD Undercounter Lab Washer is a robust washer with the ability to completely clean residue and contamination from both glassware and stainless-steel parts from small crevices and narrow openings. Mesh baskets hold parts in proper position, injectors clean inside narrow-necked glassware and tubular parts and a variable speed pump ensures thorough cleaning coverage. Depend on the PG 8583CD for reproducible cleaning and drying results that keep your lab’s operation and workflow on track.

Key features:

  • ACT Label Certified
  • DI water connection, liquid dispensing
  • Perf./cycle, e.g., up to 128 flasks per cycle
  • Optimized cleaning performance and efficient use of resources - variable speed pump with integrated heating elements
  • Safety through monitoring - wash pressure and spray arm monitoring
  • Convenient drying – DryPlus with HEPA filter


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