ChemoMetec achieves silver status, with a new Seal of Quality award

These cell counters are being recognized for receiving consistently outstanding customer feedback, again

27 Sept 2023
Ellen Simms
Product and Reviews Editor

The Seals of Quality recognize the top 0.1% of products that consistently receive the highest customer review ratings on SelectScience® and are designed to help scientists and healthcare professionals worldwide immediately recognize the instruments and services their peers rate the highest.

The NucleoCounter® Family of Cell Counters and Analyzers from ChemoMetec has now earned a Silver Seal of Quality award, having received 77 reviews and a respectable 4.8 stars out of a possible 5.

The NucleoCounter instruments enable the determination of viability and cell count as well as advanced image analysis of yeast, veterinary semen, insect cells and mammalian cells, both primary cells and cell cultures, including cells in aggregate or microcarrier cultures.

Commenting on the NucleoCounter® NC-200™ automated cell counter, Marilyn Sanchez from Seattle Children's Hospital, described the instrument as, “Extremely helpful and reliable.”

And Lester Myers from the Mayo Clinic, stated, “This equipment is truly remarkable,” and “Its reliability is commendable, and the data generated is highly reproducible.”

This achievement comes only months after it was announced that the NucleoCounter Family of Cell Counters and Analyzers had earned its first Bronze Seal of Quality in July.

The Seals of Quality are just one way in which SelectScience strives to recognize the experiences and opinions of likeminded scientists globally. Lab product reviews can be valuable tools in helping you decide which equipment to purchase and the Seal of Quality awards highlight those most loved.

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